A Story Of Rats & Bird People

A Story Of Rats & Bird People
Split Tape
Feathered Coyote Records, 2013

Not so often can one find good and dense drone doom with no accent to cold metal darkness, but with a more contemplative mood. This tape sounds raw and viscous, but there are no distinct riffs. The sound goes like a wall, starting with continuous organ notes and getting denser every minute, acquiring thick bass and distortion. It pierces the listener's microcosm like a meteor shower, raining with bright sparks, followed by melting blurry arcs of light in the twilight sky.

At some point this music becomes more than just a pack of sine waves from the speakers. It flows on the walls, pours like viscous puddles on the floor, flows from the windows, seeping under the doors. Seems like you can't stop it, can't turn it off, otherwise the abruptly appeared void will turn into a miniature black hole, dragging the listener into a parallel world from where will be no return. Fortunately, tracks are ending by themselves, smoothly moving consciousness from this flood. Its traces are like meteor's tails on the starry sky - they scatter as light veils between geometric patterns of ancient constellations.

The ritualistic mood of Bird People's track (that, by the way, is the label owner's project) leads our astronomical association to a new level: year's cycle magic, influence of the Zodiac circle on the living creatures... It reminds of ancient megaliths, dedicated to the solstices, equinoxes and related ceremonies. Mossy boulders of prehistoric observatory is the best portrayal of this record's impression. Archaic music, where cosmology and mysticism are heard from a time when these sciences were one.

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