Aloha, brothers & sisters! My name is Tim, I started this blog in 2009, focusing mainly on ambient/drone music, but not limited to it. I like any music which brings sincere feelings so it can be any genre actually. Reviews published here are mostly in Russian, sometimes with English translation attached. Time from time I take interviews with interesting artists and make music mixes. All inquiries and questions can be asked by e-mail: piedpaper [at] gmail [dot] com

Currently, I also write reviews for Microphones in the Trees music blog, founded in 2004 by Ana Cabaleiro from Spain. The blog focuses on reviewing mostly cassette releases with all kinds of modern lo-fi music - primarily new age, ambient, drone, psychedelic folk, etc.

The other blogs I run or write for:

E:\Music\Ritual - ritual music of any kind
E:\Music\Drone - all styles of drone music
► tape_stuff ► - cassette tape rips & downloads (without reviews)

I play ritualistic improvised ambient music as Creation VI, minimalist drone as Tim Six and some other anonymous projects. For more information follow these links:

Creation VI on Facebook
Creation VI on Soundcloud
Creation VI on Bandcamp
Creation VI on vk.com

Also, I'm a member of Petrograd's Drone Gathering and its projects - Drone Glade stage at Solar Systo festival and series of sleep concerts Drёma.

Since the beginning of 2014, I run ПANΘEON Records which is dedicated to small handmade collectors editions of cassette tapes and cdr's, releasing all kinds of atmospheric music. Digital-only, free download releases are also available. The label is always open for new artists and collaborations, all questions and submissions can be sent here: pantheon.label [at] gmail [dot] com

ПANΘEON on Bandcamp
ПANΘEON Discography
Facebook page
Vk page


Besides all these activities I mostly sleep and wander around.

~ Peace & magic, and may drone be with you! ~

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