Sunhiilow – A New Beginning

A New Beginning
Self-released, 2013

Last year's Sunhiilow and Baldruin split is one of those tapes that was with me in all travels, played on the different players and old decks. Valery's side is an organic continuation of her demo-tracks and debut album.  Miraculous aromas of rare herbs, breathtaking views of distant countries, fleeting emotions, flickering fireflies in the half-forgotten temples... It is impossible to cover the entire spectrum of impressions created by her music. You can only pick the individual plots out and, after unleashing your imagination, keep sailing on the waves of pulsating timbres, plunging into the flow of transparent melodies. Magic is strengthened on this work, while music became more blurred, warm and enveloping.

A New Beginning is much closer to the modern drone sound – vague, soft, air-wavy. Such music subtly wraps around all objects, emotions and thoughts. Unfocused, it tends to lead somewhere, to dispel attention, to dissipate every solid thing, to scatter in space like a dry pollen, penetrating into every corner. Too rough nose, to be appeared on its way, can not smell anything, while a sensitive individual is likely to be fascinated by this unearthly scent. Laid-back listening would lead this music to the background, while total distraction from itself, from your inner dialogue, emotions and body will give the opportunity to be in a completely different reality.

It looks like a transition in some world, that always was close, but slipped away like a vision on edge of the field of view. Getting into it, we feel such things, which seemed to be real only in legends and fairy tales: trees are talking to each other, at the same time being only the tips of the capillaries, by which planet breaths; subtly winking birds remind us about half-forgotten dreams, and fishes are showing the way to sunken treasures and caves are full of glowing algae. No one will say that world is boring or gray after such experiences. Magical events in the fairy tales are just a reminder of what once was in natural order. The sorcery of this music is happening now, you just have to let your intuition flow freely, giving an opportunity to rest for your overwhelmed by civilization rational mind. Something that will open – more than words or images. Instant reality is in its infinite fluidity, variability and astonishingness.

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