M. M. Peres – Liev Form Subernia

M. M. Peres
Liev Form Subernia
Salvador Records, 2012

Salvador Cresta lives in a remote mountainous area of Argentina and devotes most of his time to creation of music and graphic collages. No wonder that both of his passions come together in one, when he decided to publish his music on own label. Psychedelia in the sounds and images for Salvador is a direct consequence of the perception of reality. Physicist's world consists of forces and vectors, for mathematician it's equations and integrable functions. World of Salvador is similar to kaleidoscope of infinite unfolding patterns of different representations and the results of their interweaving. Once idea appears, it immediately generates a fountain of new ideas in more subtle nuances, just as the green pattern of leaves mimics the structure of branches.

Transparent, clean sounding meanders from speakers like a cold brook, finding its way through everyday knocks, rustlings, footsteps, voices... Sound streams easily between chairs, tables, cabinets and sofas, carrying away at his flowing plexus. You can imagine yourself lying like pebble on the bottom of the stream or just dive in it – depends on your involvement level. Besides, nobody hinders to fly nearby like a dragonfly or swim in this creek like a leaf that fell from a tree. Here is no borders for imagination. Man interacting with nature inevitably knows itself through ways in which this interaction occurs. If it goes in the harmonic way with mountains breath and  forest rustles, creativity will be natural result of such communication. Be it sound or picture, song or dance - not so important: the important thing is that creativity is not a mere imitation of the environment, but its projection on itself through the prism of the individual, through the individual "I" of each of us. "Man-universe" feedback cycle, in which can be achieved new level of sensibility, when bird song and every cricket give us ideas for new creations.

Extremely honest, kind, magical, fairytale music for those who are not indifferent to the breath of life on this planet. A wonderful continuation and development of ideas and music of such projects as SunhiilowSundog PeacehouseStag Hare and Jüppala Kääpiö.

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